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Heavy-Duty Hatch Bracket

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Heavy Duty Light, flag & Antenna Mount License Plate Bracket
Part Number: 1-3110
Availability: Bare and Black Powder Coated In-stock and ready to ship! Free Shipping.

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*****Powder coating requires 2-week lead time*****

This is the solution to placing reverse/auxiliary lights on your vehicle without drilling or cutting any holes. The bracket uses the factory license plate hardware to mount behind the license plate and create a seamless look. They were designed around Jeep vehicles with hatches and thus fit a wide variety of other vehicles. The bolt pattern is the standard pattern across all vehicles with American license plates installed.


The Heavy Duty(HD) Hatch Bracket offers the ability to mount two pod lights up to 3 inches and provides a tab designed around Firestick’s CB antenna for perfect fitment. It also has a tab for an optional off-road/dune flag. They are made from 1/8” steel sourced locally, designed and cut in Indiana.


With your order you receive one steel bracket and 4 self-adhesive foam dots. Shipped bare steel, prepped and ready to paint. LIGHTS NOT INCLUDED.

100% Designed & Made in the USA!