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Honey-Comb Grill Insert WK Jeep Grand Cherokee (08-10)

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Aftermarket Honeycomb Pattern Aluminum Grill Insert
Part Number: 4-1002
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Custom aluminum Honeycomb grill insert for Jeep Grand Cherokee WK (08-10). Designed and manufactured on a state-of-the-art CNC laser to provide outstanding quality with attention to detail.  This grill insert is made from 16-gauge aluminum and is sold unfinished. We prep the inserts for paint before they are shipped to our customers so all that is needed on arrival is a quick wipe down with acetone and then the customer can finish it any way they would like. We include Aluminum mounting hardware to prevent corrosion when mounting the grill insert into your existing grill header. Modification of your OEM grill is required, basic hand tools and a drill are needed for ease of installation. Install time approximately 1 hour (not including painting). Please watch the installation video listed in the gallery above or follow the link below to the original installation video on YouTube.


Checkout the installation video https://youtu.be/bda-luB9GQQ


100% Designed & Made in the USA!